Monday, September 26, 2011

Soup for Breakfast

This morning my son repeated this post title, but added a question mark to the end.  "Yes," was my answer, and so he ate the, albeit small,  bowl of homemade chicken soup with his no-milk-by-choice cereal.

Rethinking breakfast has been on my mind.  Waffles with syrup, juice, most cereals, and even fruit can be packed with good stuff, but are also full of sugar.  The crash that comes just as they are getting to school can be a knock out for kids.  I, however, was recently knocked out by Katie Kimball's post on making certain foods from scratch, and was especially won over by the information on chicken stock.  Check it out at
I've made my own chicken stock, and like Katie, try to work some in several times a week--including breakfast!
Check it out, and you, too, just may find yourself putting some soup next to those Fruit Loops.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Happiness and Coffee Creamer

They are related, if you remember that "it's the little things." Fall lets me switch from my hazelnut to pumpkin spice coffee creamer, and that makes my morning slog through emails and secretarial duties so much better.

Let me catch you up... We just moved from a house that took 7 years to remodel, to one that must have coined the term “fixer-upper.” My current bedroom is a futon in the living room. At first my heart was broken at having to “start all over again.” Until, within three months, I realized that there is no such thing as starting, or finishing, living. It just happens, and happily, when I began to look for it. My bed in the living room has provided so many spontaneous “snuggle” moments with my two little guys that would not have happened otherwise.

Happiness comes from inward out, not outward in (except in the form of coffee creamer).